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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Traditional, homemade + delicious

This is a small sample of our

Afternoon Tea menu.

Please contact Sarah to discuss further.

A selection of cocktail sandwiches on different breads with fillings such as

- free range egg mayonnaise + watercress

- mature cheddar cheese + red onion

- tuna mayonnaise + sweetcorn

- coronation chicken + lettuce

+ other options

Homemade sausage rolls made with

Grassmere Farm Lincolnshire sausage meat with a hint of

grain mustard + cheddar cheese 

- served warm

Savoury scones topped with melted Brie and sun blush tomatoes

Fruit scones with clotted cream + strawberry jam

Chocolate topped fresh cream eclairs


Chocolate brownies

Tea + filter coffee

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